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Photo Archive Documents

Athens- Photo Archive Documents

“The present volume refers to Athens and is the second in a series of publications which uses material drawn from the photo archive of the Secretariat General of Communication-Secretariat General of Information. The first volume, which was published in 2006 as a tribute to contemporary Thessaloniki, also anthologizes a number of records of this valuable photo archive.


Thessaloniki - Photo Archive Documents 1900-1980

The documents from the Photo Archive of the Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information contribute greatly to the visual art documents archive regarding modern and contemporary Thessaloniki; this is a contribution which provides significant advantages to both historical and humanitarian research. The representative material chosen consists of 114 photos, 35 of which were taken before and during the Second World War and 79 after that. Book contents:

Athens - Photo Archive Documents






Thessaloniki Photo Archive 1900-1980


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