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Presentation of pilot project for the documentation and digitization of ERT's archives

Outlining details of the scheme, the President of ERT said that some 250 hours of film and 500 hours of video material - out of a total of 1.136 different television programmes, as well as 5.000 images from ERT’s extensive body of material and rare archive footage - were saved, documented and digitalized, within the framework of this project (ERT’s historical audio-visual archive comprises 70% of the country’s total audio-visual material). Panagopoulos added that ERT’s target is to digitalize all material, allowing free access to all those interested in its archives.

The importance of saving and passing on to future generations the wealth of information to be found in ERT’s historical archives was underlined by the Minister of State and Government Spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos, who stressed that ERT’s audio-visual material is both public property and a tool that could be used by all citizens.

The implementation of this project was carried through the operational programme Information Society, of the Special Secretariat of Digital Planning of the Economy and Finance Ministry.

According to the Economy and Finance Minister, George Alogoskoufis, the project was funded with 1.950.000 euros, 80% of which came from the European Regional Development Fund, and 20% from national funding. He stressed that the project falls within the general framework of creating digital Greece, by utilizing the EU Digital Convergence programme, the further development of broadband networks, digital television and the digitalization of national audiovisual material. A total of 36 million euros will be allocated towards this goal, Alogoskoufis added.

To view the Archives, visit ERT’s website at:

Digital transfer and media management of over 70% of existing Greek audiovisual archives

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT S.A.), the national broadcaster of Greece, has set in motion the process of digitalizing and streamlining its entire media archive system.

ERT - which operates 3 terrestrial, 3 digital and 1 satellite television channels, as well as twenty-eight radio stations - was faced with the challenge of managing tape-based archives, which include rare heritage material.

This digital transfer includes the annotation, metadata tagging, management and distribution of audiovisual material, integrating a variety of broadcast equipments that includes a video server and a tape library, so as to provide ERT users with an on-line digital media library

The Greek national broadcaster has the richest audiovisual archive in Greece. With decades’ worth of tape material in urgent need of preservation to prevent irreparable deterioration, the proper digital transfer and management of legacy archives had become a priority. The digitised archives will open new possibilities, allowing free access and sharing of this cultural reserve.

Through a standard web browser, ERT staff will be able to browse archived material, make shot selections and perform basic edits. High resolution material will be extracted from the tape library system and sent for play-out or pushed to a third party nonlinear editing (NLE) system for further editing and DVD production. Supporting technology will track metadata throughout the whole content life cycle, allowing for customized metadata entries and enabling ERT to index assets according to needs and workflow.

Επόμενο επίπεδοIn the press: State Radio and TV's valuable archives go online amid some criticism of the technical limitations